Print Estimating Software


Print Estimating would one of more complex estimating processes. With software this can be made considerably easier, this website demonstrates the benefits of using a reasonably priced software package like ROBO Print Job Manager.


By the way, I have never had so much support for ANY software program ever! This is a pleasant surprise, and I will recommend this product to anybody I come in contact with that is in our industry. I was sceptical in the beginning, but considering that we were able to test the software in its full version, and the fact that it cost $US499, we didn't stand to lose much if it wasn't good. How wrong we were!!! I am so glad I found this during a search on the Internet (some high-end products costing $US8500 also turned up, but I wasn't prepared to pay that much). It really suits my needs exactly. The package is well thought out, easy to use and is logical in its layout.

Martin Davies
Production Manager
Free State Business Products
South Africa

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